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Can you Get a Bridging Loan from Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a finance journalist, television and radio presenter in the United Kingdom.

He is the founder of the website moneysavingexpert (MSE)
The website he founded was sold in 2012 to the group at a price tag of £87 Million. A nice deal considering the website cost him £100 to create in 2002.

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There are no bridging loans offered directly by the group for people in search of bridging loans.

There are still a vast number of searches on a monthly basis for Martin Lewis Bridging loans in search engines using the exact term “Martin Lewis Bridging Loans”

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Let us Understand Bridging Loans

Bridging loans are a finance facility acquired on a short-term basis (3 – 12 months) and acquired to bridge the financial gap to buying a property.

To borrow money on this facility it is required you have a property to put up as security.

The maximum amount borrowed will depend on the value of your secured property and not including any mortgage or loans you may have on it.

The bridging loan lender will have a first or second charge on the secured property, which means if you fail to repay the loan the property is then at risk of being repossessed or a forced sale.

The interest rates available on a bridging loan is calculated monthly and typically is ranged from 0.40% to 1.5%

Who can benefit from Bridging Loans?

• Individuals looking for a new house
• Property Developers
• Businesses
• Builders
• Construction Companies

More about bridging loans and discover all you need to know about bridging loans and alternative finance.

If Martin Lewis Does Not Offer Bridging Loans How do I get one?

Although Martin Lewis bridging loans do not exist. There are specialist lenders in the UK that offer bridging finance.

To get the best rates for bridging finance it is advisable to find a bridging loan company that offers a whole market comparison.

Property Finance Partners has the experience and know-how to get the best bridging loan rates in the UK. With over 100 years in the property finance market and based in the heart of London Property Finance Partners is here to help you achieve your property finance needs.

Why Choose Property Finance Partners for Bridging Loans?

• Interest Rates from 0.28%
• Borrow from £20,000 to £1 Billion
• Whole Market Access
• Best terms available
• Experience for homeowners and property developers

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