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Require a Large Bridging Loan

Property Finance Partners are experts in providing large bridging loans. Most bridging loan facilities will for home buyers have a limit of £5M.

In some instances, when a large bridging loan is required, the lending stream can be limited. Property Finance Partners has the experience to offer bridging loans £50M and above.

Our relationships extend outside of the UK, and we can offer facilities at much higher amounts even at 1 billion and do it very quickly, in some instances the same day.

Need a Large Bridging Loan? Property Finance Partners can Help

Who Would Need a Large Bridging Finance?

Property developers who deal with large scale developments often will require fast bridging loans at larger amounts. It is not uncommon for property developers to seek finance above 5 Million.

Termed as development finance, a bridging loan is a viable option in some cases when finance is required immediately.

It is always a good idea to discuss this with Property Finance Partners as we can facilitate large development finance with a various option besides bridging loans.

Ultimately our goal is to save the borrower money in the bottom line for the borrower to complete the project successfully.

Are There Other Options for Large Developments?

Yes: Property Finance Partners have the experience and know-how to offer a wide range of development finance. Including:• Development Finance

  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Senior Loans
  • Stretch Senior Loans
  • Joint Venture Development Finance
  • JV Partnerships
  • Private Lenders

How Much Can I Borrow?

With property Finance Partners, there is no upper limit. We have arranged facilities of above £300M for a client.

If you want a finance company with the experience and know-how, then Property Finance Partners is available to discuss your requirement.

Our Highly Experienced Team Can Help with Large Bridging Loans

• Facilities over £5M
• Rates from 0.28% (lowest in the market)
• Term length from 3 to 36 months
• Special rates and terms for large bridging loans
• Fast arrangement
• Monthly or rolled up interest
• Open or Closed Bridging Loans
• Regulated by the FCA or Unregulated
• Commercial or residential
• Property Developments
• Available to companies, sole traders, individuals, and partnerships
• For New builds and all types of developments

Why Choose Property Finance Partners

With over 100 years of combined experience in the property finance sector and relationships with lenders in the UK and from around the world,

Property Finance Partners is leading the way in completing finance deals whether small or large, as well as a large bridging loan.

Get in touch today and let us discuss your large bridging loan project(s) on 020 3393 0277 or if you prefer Email us [email protected]

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