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Unsecured & Secured Business Loans and Business Credit Lines*

Fast and flexible ways to achieve business loans for your business growth.

More and more business owners approach us for alternative ways to the traditional secured business loans from the high street banks. As a result from this high demand from some of our clients and from new ones for alternative unsecured business loans, we have expanded our finance products and services and added three types of business finance solutions.

Our expertise in the finance world, as well as, our capabilities enables us to offer, provide and secure market leading finance solutions for business finance.  

What are Unsecured business loans?

Unsecured business loans and unsecured lending are a great way to raise business finance for growth. It’s also a great way to attract capital for your business without tying up assets as a security.

Business loans are usually more flexible and can be used for a lot of business purposes such as business growth, new employees, marketing, equipment purchase, cash-flow improvement, working capital and much more. The flexibility of the repayments spread out  over different terms ( usually up to 60 months-5 years) allows us to tailor your business the right business loan from the right source of finance with the right conditions the suits perfectly your business.

Business unsecured loans are a quick way to access to finance. These loans are usually assessed far more quickly than other types of loans or finance. Sometimes within 24 hours after finalising the process that can take only few days.

Flexible repayments that suit your business needs is crucial, therefore, the aim is to structure the whole loan according to your instructions as well as the business needs.

What are Secured business loans?

A secured business loan takes more time, it is less flexible and uses assets of the directors or the business as security.

What are Business credit lines?

Business credit lines are an agreement between a lender or a financial institution and the business (the borrower or credit line user) about the sum that he can use for working capital in order to achieve the business purposes and needs. The credit line is similar to an overdraft facility. You can draw the sum that you need, exactly when you need up to the credit line limit. 

Our business finance team is able to arrange and secure business loans from £15k up to £1.5M

  • Unsecured business loans- up to £500k
  • Secured business loans- up to £1.5M
  • Business Credit lines- up to £1.5M

Eligibility general criteria*

  1. UK registered companies
  2. At least 2 years of accounts and tax returns
  3. 12 months bank statements
  4. Assets and liabilities report
  5. Positive credit score
  6. Preferred profitable companies

General terms*

1 month- 60 month term.
£15k up to £1.5M of Unsecured business loans or Secured business loans or business credit lines.

Business owner:

If you need an unsecured business loan, a secured business loan or a business credit lines contact us in order to find the exact solution for your business needs. Raising finance process is fast, flexible and simple.

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*different funding sources –decisions on a case by case basis by the lenders and their criteria.

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