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10 top tips to raise development finance in the UK Property Development  property finance Development Finance

  1. The lender is your partner for success – not your enemy.
  2. Be wise – choose the right type of finance for your property development or real estate investment.
  3. Don’t tie all your capital in one project – there are different types of JV and equity partners – check them.
  4. Don’t hide anything from the lender – be transparent.
  5. Prepare a professional presentation – use only the right and relevant info.
  6. Don’t forget to add your internal\external teams’ professional experience.
  7. Demonstrate your professionalism by preparing a realistic appraisal – use logic contingencies and the right comparable.
  8. Use only up-to-date info and documents.
  9. Do your own research – avoid surprises from yourself and from the lender.
  10. Property Finance Partners – UK. -Always here to assist.


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