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Property Finance Partners is a results-orientated structured property finance company. 

The team is based in London and has experience within the property finance, business and advisory sectors.

Our team maintains deep relationships at the highest levels of financial institutions such as Pension Funds, Equity Funds, real estate funds, insurance Companies, banks ַַ& Investments banks, Special Pan-European, American and Middle Eastern Funds, Private money funds. 

Mezzanine lenders and bridging loan finance institutions.

Property Finance Partners
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These long term relationships enable us fast access to different types of capital, including equity, debt and the right tailor-made combination between them. We are structuring capital property finance deals from £50,000 to £500 million+ from pre-planning to completion.

As property development finance experts, we are obligated to fulfil the highest standards; therefore, we can provide you with a finance solution for your property projects or deals, fast, transparent and tailor-made, precisely for your requirements.

For us, every client is unique, and each case is different; therefore, we discuss and learn your particular needs. Thus to create an individual tailor-made finance solution, that suits your requirements at the time you need it whether that be a bridging loan, debt finance, equity, JV or a mixture of different finance facilities.

Property Finance Partners from their London office continuously updates the client throughout the process and negotiate with the lenders the best possible conditions. We are independent and represent only your interests; therefore, we approach only the lenders that suit your case. 

Our in-depth finance industry knowledge and long term relations enable us to secure exclusive property finance that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Why Property Finance Partners

  • ✓ Unbeatable results-orientated customer service
  • ✓ Global sources of institutional equity and debt funding
  • ✓ Ability to create Equity & JV Partnership between Real Estate Funds and Landlords, developers\builders and investors
  • ✓ In-depth knowledge of Structure Debt as an Equity piece (100% Finance Ltc- Senior rates)
  • ✓ Have access to unsecured capital for the property sector ( big tickets)
  • ✓ Global access to a wide range of lenders. – UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America.
  • ✓ We have developed deep working relations with some of the largest funding sources throughout the world, exclusively to offer them in the UK.
  • ✓ We shall always treat everyone with respect, transparency and honesty.
  • ✓ Our relationships with the lenders are based on trust. Therefore, we know exactly whom to approach, when to approach and how to approach.



We Are Proud Of Our Five-Star Customer Service

Property Finance Partners


Unbeatable customer service is our priority

You will have one person working from the beginning through your projects, and you will be able to contact them at any point.

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What Type Of Property Finance?

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We can offer a broad range of products for your developments, and we will look at the best and most beneficial finance facilities available for you.

In some cases, we may mix the funding sources to save you time and or fit your exacting requirements. Some of the property finance facilities that we can arrange include:

✔ Senior loan

✔ Stretch Senior finance

✔ Mezzanine Finance

✔ Preferred Equity

✔ Equity Finance

✔ J.V Equity

✔ J.V Equity and Debt

✔ Development Finance

✔ Bridging Loans & Short term loans

✔ Mixed Residential & commercial finance

✔ Real estate Equity and debt

✔ Buy to Let Finance

✔ Build to Let finance

✔ Pre Development Finance

✔ Acquisition finance

We can arrange and secure real estate funding from 500,000 pounds to 500 Million pounds+ for all types of property developments from residential to commercial from conversion to new builds and much more.

As long as your project is property-based. We might have the finance solutions for you. 

We accommodate the funding to your exact requirements; we are fast, flexible and can structure the financing in a variety of different formats which fit your projects exactly as you need.

Property Finance Partners know to advise you about the improvement of your property business and how you can do things better and more profitable in the bottom line.

We don’t consider ourselves as property brokers but rather property finance experts who can advise on all aspects of your real estate funding needs.

Our motto is simple; “your success is our success.”

Who Can Benefit From Property Finance?

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Among all the property finance types that we arrange and have access to, Property Development Finance is our speciality.

Here at Property Finance Partners, we can arrange and secure anywhere from 500,000 Pounds to 500 Million Pounds+; in fact, there is no maximum amount.

The development loans which we structure are unique in the sense that we take the time that is needed to listen and understand your needs, your requirements and your wishes for your existing projects as well as for future opportunities.

Above it, we work with developers for the long run learning their needs and requirements in the present and the future and assist them in realising more projects from their pipeline to support them to grow and fulfil their vision. Some of the projects we obtain capital and monies to include:

  • ✔ Residential projects
  • ✔ Commercial real estate finance
  • ✔ Property Investment
  • ✔ Industrial finance
  • ✔ Student accommodation funding
  • ✔ HMO finance
  • ✔ Care homes funding
  • ✔ Property conversions
  • ✔ Refurbishment
  • ✔ Restoration projects
  • ✔ New Builds
  • ✔ Property expansion capital and finance
  • ✔ Unusual development finance
  • ✔ Private Rental Sector
  • ✔ Real Estate Private Equity
  • ✔ Permit Development Rights
  • ✔ Refinance
  • ✔ Buy to Let
  • ✔ Portfolio purchasing finance
  • ✔ Plots and Land funding (with or without planning permission)
  • ✔ Equity or Debt or both of them
  • ✔ 100% development finance available
  • ✔ Joint venture funding 

The more ambitious the client is, the more we want to meet and work with you, we have the in-depth knowledge of the global and national lending market inside out and understand how it works.

It enables us to help your property business to increase at the shortest time.

If your property business is unable to grow to the next level because of lack of funding at the right time, then call us today and let’s discuss how we can assist and work together.

Our process is efficient and fast, with over 100 years of combined experience in property development finance, business and real estate advisory we are considered the premier property finance company in the UK and Europe.

To get started you can request a property loan using our online funding form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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